The Best Real Money Dice Games

The unique world of gambling has different types of games that are waiting to be explored. Going forward to do so will surely brighten up your day, and to help you out, we are here with a few dice games. Known to be quite popular, these games come loaded with the right set of features that are quite expansive to take matters in the right direction. So leave all that you’re doing and go ahead to check out the best real money dice games.


Klondike is one of the most popular games in this section. It comes forward with simple rules and regulations that people can understand and follow within a matter of time. Played with five dice, the game begins as the dealer rolls the dice and then lets the players roll the same in an attempt to get a higher combination. With real money getting involved, you can bet on rolling a combination higher than that of the dealer, lower than the dealer, or even move ahead to place other bets. As you venture further, the game comes with other features that also need to be understood.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another easy dice game to roll out in this regard. It originated in China and then went on to make its way to the west in the late 1900s. As an interesting game, it has every dice combination and payout odds, and thus, exploring the same is bound to keep you excited. With the right number of players and a dealer, anyone can step forward to play Sic Bo and look towards the kind of game that it stands to be. To understand these points and move ahead to play Sic Bo.


If you have ever been to a small casino, then you might have come across Chuck-a-luck. The game might not have been an all-time favourite, but it surely is an interesting one to play and explore. It involves a dealer and players and begins with the latter placing bets. Soon after that, the dealer will start cranking and spinning the hourglass as three dice tumble inside the cage begins to spin. Understanding the outcome and the five types of bets that you can place helps you get going.



Popularly known as a simplified version of Craps, Hazard is another dice game that is worth the experience. As an old game, Hazard has all the right ingredients to keep you happy and rolling out to the tunes that it brings to the table. With two dice and a few rules, Hazard packs features and options that take the game forward. As a result, going ahead to try it out is bound to give you the perfect start into the world of real money dice games.

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