Sad Facts About Roulette

Sad Facts About Roulette Every Gambler Should Know

Roulette has no definitive system that works every time. You can keep trying new strategies every time, but that does not make it feasible. If you are lucky you win a little money, if you are not, you lose. There are several players who simply quit real money roulette for other games at the casino after a few times because it is simply not worth the money. This is just one of the sad facts about betting real money on roulette. Here are a few more that are quite depressing, but are nonetheless true.

No Good Tables

Roulette tables come in just two variations and out of the two, the one with better odds is extremely rare. The number of bad versions of roulette greatly outnumber the number of good tables. In fact, the rarest form of roulette is one with a triple zero spot. This form of the game is so bad for the player that it practically should not exist. So it is best to avoid playing roulette with triple zero spots. The most common form of roulette tables have double zero spaces or simply do not have them. The spaces available on a double zero roulette wheel are 38, while others have 37 spaces. The most likely candidate to make some money from roulette is French Roulette tables.

No Good Tables

Zero Strategy

There are broadly two types of gambling games: ones that are based on strategy, where you can alter the return to the player by playing with a certain idea about the game, and ones based on pure luck. Roulette is one of those games; it is purely and completely based on chance. There is no logical way to predict the outcome of the game, and only if you can predict the outcome, can you even try to influence it in the slightest way. The main problem with games based purely on chance is that it always offers fewer returns to the player compared to strategy-based games. There are things you can do to seemingly try and alter the game’s outcome, like placing even money bets on French roulette. Even though it cannot be considered a strategy, because it does not work all the time even if executed perfectly, it is most definitely the best way to play.

Zero Strategy

False Hope

If you have ever been to a casino to play roulette, you would have seen that there are long lines of red and black piling up under the table. Even though the odds of winning back money on red and black are fairly equal, there is no way to predict whether the wheel will land on a red or a black. Sometimes the red comes up ten times after the black appears only once, or maybe two reds come after four blacks. There is no practical, logical way to predict the outcome. However, the long lines of a single colour give false hope to a new customer. They may think that since red appeared five times the sixth time, it may be red when this is based completely on a fallacy.

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