We are a team of two making games. We’ve been making games for over 4 years and since late 2012 we teamed up to make Tio Atum. You can say we went indie because that sounds really cool. We’ve been focusing manly on mobile titles but in the near future we’ll hop on to other platforms. We like to climb, play games, kiss stangers and long walks on the beach. And cake. We love cake.


Afonso Cordeiro(Ninja Programer)

Known to prey on large game and destroy boulders with his fists, Afonso also codes all of the games at Tio Atum. He’s the smart one. He’s also the only that showers daily.

Miguel Rafael (Supreme Designer)

His friends describe him as “the greatest man that ever lived”. He designs and creates the art for Tio Atum’s games. Also he’s the guy posting on facebook and all that. Yeah, he’s real social.

Miguel Cintra (Contract Killer – Musican)

Although the core team is comprised of two Adonis like developers there’s a third one that complements the creative duo. Miguel Cintra, the music man himself. He likes recording fart sounds. He really does. And he has a website – http://flavors.me/miguel_cintra